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The End Of #RoeVWade And What Comes Next With Samuel Moyn

01:35 What exactly did the Supreme Court decide on? 03:35 What made this precedent ‘dubious?’ 06:20 What are the major differences between the Supreme Court’s d decision and the final decision? 08:10 What is the significance of the dissenting Justices writing a co dissent? Is there any significance? 16:30 What will happen in the current political landscape? How can we reintroduce reproductive rights? 26:50 Why did Kavanaugh say that Congress could create a law regarding abortion? What is motivating Kavanaugh? 34:30 Why does the Democratic party choose not to act on this issue? 38:15 What were the other recent Supreme Court rulings on the Miranda rights and firearms? 44:05 Marianne Williamson joins the conversation and gives her thoughts on the overturn of Roe V. Wade 46:41 Nancy Pelosi reads a poem while millions of women have their rights taken away 50:25 How did Lincoln and F.D.R pack the Supreme Court back in the day? 53:22 Will this SCOTUS decision create momentum for activists to demand Congress fund programs that benefit children? 57:13 What is the hope moving forward? 1:03:05 Is Marianne Williamson going run in 2024?

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