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Gloria Steinem says she will put up abortion-seekers in NYC home

By New York Post

For Gloria Steinem, activism begins at home.

The morning after the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade, the famed feminist told The Post that her contribution to the cause will include opening her Upper East Side apartment to women in need of abortions.

“Everything from the small effort to say, ‘I have a guest room if you need to come to New York state, you can stay here,’” she said of her initial efforts.

“Which of course is limited since it’s only one room,” she added, laughing. “But at least it’s something that I can offer.”

The 88-year-old remembers a women’s clinic that was in her neighborhood and the influx of patients she would see arriving there following restrictions on abortions made in other states.

“I would see women coming in old, battered cars from all kinds of other states to get the abortion that they needed and couldn’t get in their homes,” she said.

On Friday, when she first heard the news of the ruling, her initial emotion was anger because she said it is “taking away our power to make decisions over our own bodies, which means we’re not living in a democracy.”


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