Rising: June 23, 2022 Full Show

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss President Biden’s push for a gas tax holiday.

Briahna Joy Gray breaks down inconsistencies in recent court rulings on free speech,

Kim Iversen reviews the success of the Biden administration’s campaign to vaccinate babies and toddlers against COVID-19.

Editor-in-chief at The Real News, Max Alvarez, and Republican strategist, Marissa Martinez, forecast Democrats midterms performance amongst Latinos after Rep. Mayra Flores’ shock win in Texas.

Professor of law at Georgia State University, Eric Segall, weighs in on a new Supreme Court ruling that permits the use of publicly-funded tuition assistance programs by students attending religious schools.
Co-founder of SPRI, Stephen Semler, breaks down new legislation that would cut $100 billion from the Department of Defense’s budget, and reinvest the money in other federal programs.
BREAKING: SCOTUS strikes down NY concealed carry law in MAJOR WIN for gun rights

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