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Geopolitics & Empire: America at Serious Crossroads

Chuck Baldwin: America at Serious Crossroads, Covid Narrative Analogous to Beast of Revelation

Dr. Chuck Baldwin discusses how America has abandoned the fundamental constitutional, Christian, ethical, and liberty principles upon which the country was built and if this trend continues it cannot stand as it was, a free country. America’s problem is spiritual, not political, and the primary culprits in the malaise we are now experiencing are the pastors and pulpits of the nation, which have become entertainers and CEOs of corporations. Pastors today are refusing to address the issues of our day. Russia is winning the war in Ukraine and sanctions are backfiring. As a result, the U.S. economy is collapsing, which is also due to the totalitarian government response to COVID. The features of the Orwellian policies that we now know as the COVID narrative is analogous to the beast of Revelation.

ANALYSIS: Pro-Israel Members of U.S. Congress Put Forward Anti-Iranian Balancing Coalition

Moves point to an Israeli-Arab balancing coalition being formed against Iran. Now, according to a report by Press TV, a group of pro-Israeli lawmakers in the US Congress are demanding that the US support Israel and nine Arab countries in setting up an integrated missile system to continue the policy of balancing against Iran.

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