Jose Nino’s Digest: June 16, 2022 POLL: Voters Demand Rolls Call Votes for All Bills, and more

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POLL: Voters Demand Rolls Call Votes for All Bills

Earlier this year, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced the Congressional Voting Accountability Act to mandate roll call votes for legislation in the House. “For too long … Congress has escaped accountability for actions that…

Jun 16, 2022Big League Politics

Pope Francis Believes that Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine was “Perhaps Provoked”

During an interview published on June 14, 2022, Pope Francis stated that Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine was “perhaps somehow either provoked or not prevented.” The pope’s statements provoked international outrage due to the…

Jun 16, 2022Big League Politics

POLL: Increasing Numbers of Canadians Believe in the Great Replacement

According to a new poll by Abacus Data, millions of Canadians believe in the Great Replacement — an elite-driven process to displace the historic populations of Western nations with non-European populations. This poll showed that increasing numbers…

Jun 16, 2022Big League Politics

Producer Prices Grew by 10.8% in May

Joe Biden’s America is one marked by rising inflation and overall lowering of living standards. According to a news release published on June 14, 2022, the prices that businesses in the United States charged have increased by 10.8% in May compared…

Jun 16, 2022Big League Politics

Lauren Boebert Introduced Legislation to Classify Fentanyl as a “Weapon of Mass Destruction”

America’s greatest threats aren’t conventional armies from hostile foreign countries. In fact, the current threats America faces tend to be the product of its ruling class’s misguided policies, namely open borders. Open borders have not only allowed…

Jun 16, 2022Big League Politics

U.S. Hegemony in Latin America Eroding

To say that the Organization of American States’ Summit of the Americas event held in Los Angeles from June 6 to June 10 was a debacle, would be an understatement. Initially, countries like Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua were banned from attending…

Jun 15, 2022Geopolitics & Empire

Glenn Greenwald Calls Out the Corporate Press’s Hypocrisy on US Saudi Relations

Hypocrisy runs deep in the corporate press. This is most apparent when dealing with the nature of the United States’ relationship with Saudi Arabia. Progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald exposed this hypocrisy on June 13, 2022 when he juxtaposed…

Jun 15, 2022Big League Politics

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