Daily News: June 15, 2022 The Week-Historic legislation?

Grayson  Quay
Understanding the bipartisan gun-control proposal
Harold  Maass
Will the gun-control deal change anything?
David  Faris
What we learned from Tuesday’s primary races
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Joel  Mathis
Bear markets, explained
Brendan  Morrow
A short history of LGBTQ+ representation in Disney films
Peter  Weber
S.C. Republicans unseat Trump-opposed Rep. Tom Rice
Peter  Weber
Republican Mayra Flores flips Democratic congressional seat
Brigid  Kennedy
Flooding in Yellowstone area wipes out bridges, houses
Brendan  Morrow
James Patterson apologizes for comments about racism
Brendan  Morrow
Microsoft shuts down Internet Explorer after nearly 30 years
Lizzo changes song lyric after backlash over ‘ableist slur’
Brendan Morrow
Lady Gaga in talks to play Harley Quinn in Joker sequel — which is reportedly a musical
Brendan Morrow
Russia’s growing Ukraine occupation partisan resistance problem
Peter Weber
What’s all the hullabaloo over the Nancy Reagan stamp?
Grayson Quay
Is Google’s chatbot program self-aware?
Joel Mathis
Microsoft shuts down Internet Explorer after nearly 30 years
June 15, 2022
Author James Patterson apologizes for saying white male writers face ‘another form of racism’
June 15, 2022
Ukraine is holding its own against Russia, despite ‘significant casualties’ on ‘both sides,’ Pentagon official says
June 15, 2022
Nevada Republicans pick Adam Laxalt, Joe Lombardo, election denier to challenge Democratic incumbents
June 15, 2022

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