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Why Do People Believe Fake Statistics?

by James Corbett
June 12, 2022

I’ve got a shocking piece of news for you today: Sometimes, statistics are inaccurate.

I know, I know. I’ve probably just shattered your world. “How can this be?” you’re asking yourself. But wait, it gets worse!

Not only are statistics occasionally inaccurate, sometimes they’re presented in misleading ways!

“Say it ain’t so!” I hear you screeching. But prepare yourself; I’ve saved the worst for last.

Sometimes, statistics are made up.

“I can’t believe it!” you say, falling on your knees as your world collapses around you.

OK, OK, enough joking around. I know you know all of this already. But today I want to talk about an interesting phenomenon related to this topic. You see, the very people who are perfectly capable of pointing out the statistical chicanery of the globalist supervillains and their MSM cronies are, often, the same people who fall for the statistical chicanery of people that they like.

Why is this? Let’s find out.

Lying With Statistics

We all know by now that statistics, numbers, graphs and charts are routinely used by the powers-that-shouldn’t-be to mislead the public, right? At the very least, those with even a passing familiarity with The Corbett Report archives will have no excuse for not knowing all about the sophomoric statistical scams that are used to convince Joe Normie of this or that globalist fraud.

There’s Lies, Damned Lies and Government Statistics, where we laughed at Mark Carney’s discomfort with the poor quality data emanating from the UK’s Office for National Statistics and pointed out that this was not a uniquely British problem. Quite the contrary. As I demonstrated in that video, the official stats emanating from China and Japan and the US—and (needless to say) every other government—are a self-evident sham.


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