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Gun Control Equals Police Control: A Queer Argument for Bearing Arms

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

“An unarmed people are slaves or are subject to slavery at any given moment.”

-Huey P. Newton

“This is a beautiful country”

-John Brown

We all saw what happened in Uvalde, Texas and we all saw what didn’t. We saw a horrific massacre, a deranged gunman mowing down a classroom full of children in a totally senseless fit of nihilism and rage. We also saw a well-armed, well-trained and very well-funded police force do absolutely nothing to stop it. The Uvalde Police received the first 911 call about the shooting at 11:30 am, three minutes before the shooter even entered Robb Elementary. One minute later the campus police officer for the school drove right by the motherfucker to tail a teacher. The first three cops entered the building at 11:35 and preceded to stand around with their hands in their fucking pockets for another 85 minutes. The 85 longest minutes in that dusty little border towns history. The last 85 minutes in the tragically short lives of one fourth grade class. For those 85 minutes that thin blue line stood still.

By noon the hallways of that school were packed with no fewer than 19 police officers with hundreds more waiting outside. A fucking army trained for this specific crisis and armed to the teeth with nearly 40% of that small town’s budget stood by like Terracotta Soldiers while 19 children and 2 adults were executed one by one. Calls from inside the classroom flooded local emergency centers with nine-year old’s begging for salvation in their slain classmate’s blood and an army of our heroes in blue did nothing.

Well, that’s not fair, to correct my previous statement, the Uvalde Police did do something. In the face of an unprecedented tragedy, they fell back on their instincts and did what pigs do best, they beat the shit out of unarmed brown people. While these heavily armed gestapo in ten-gallon hats were too timid to take on a single teenage novice on a suicide mission with a semi-automatic rifle, they were more than macho enough to mace and flog the parents of the children he killed for interfering with their official police business of being dickless fucking cowards. Apparently, the act of civilians demanding that the police do the job their taxes paid them to do and save their children or at the very least get the hell out of the way is a curb stomping offence.

While children were executed behind their backs, the Uvalde Police tackled their parents to the pavement of the Robb Elementary School parking lot, shackled and pepper sprayed them like common hoodlums, and threatened to tase anyone who interfered.  At around one o’clock, an hour and a half into one of the worst school shootings in American history, a squad of Border Patrol agents defied local police orders and finally stormed the classroom to kill the shooter who all but begged for anyone with a gun to do so.

The police response to the national anguish over their total failure to do even the bare minimum was to sputter and stonewall like a teenager caught shoplifting, changing their official story no less than twelve times and refusing to comply with state investigations into their appalling misconduct. The White House, for their part of the chicanery, initially refused to even join these investigations with Joe Biden robotically reiterating his “utmost respect for the men and women in law enforcement.” The Department of Justice only announced an investigation after being rocked by a tidal wave of public outrage. Meanwhile, Uvalde’s brave men and women in law enforcement have called in even more brave men and women in law enforcement from across the state to protect them from the fury of their own grieving citizenry.

This is what a police state does. This is how fascism functions. These people are not here to protect us. They are here to control us, collect their protection money from our wallets, and protect their own ass. And these are the people who will be in charge of the Democrat’s solution to this tragedy. This is the system that will be in charge of regulating the Second Amendment to Joe Biden’s preferred specifications. That’s right America, take a good hard look at Uvalde, Texas and drink it in because this is your gun control future. A future in which the only people available to stop a bad guy with a gun is a systemically racist mob of even worse guys with guns.


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