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Krystal and Saagar talk about the January 6th hearings, Uvalde survivors, Kavanaugh murder attempt, DC think tank corruption, WaPo drama continues, CNN coverage shakeup, Biden’s solar industry gift, & the Chesa Boudin recall election! We apologize for sending out the show a bit late because of the extended run time and scheduling conflicts.

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6/9 NEWSLETTER: Jan 6th, Uvalde Survivors, Kavanaugh Scare, DC Corruption, CNN Purge, & More!
Welcome to the June 9th, 2022 edition of the Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar premium newsletter. After transitioning from MailChimp to Supercast for the full show email blasts, some subscribers are having issues, if that includes you please email I am working diligently with the Supercast team to resolve any issues. Thank you all for continuing to support us with your hard earned money during this difficult economic time. We apologize for sending out the show a bit late because of the extended run time and scheduling conflicts.
Now to the contents of the show, which you can watch here:
Thursday night will feature a primetime broadcast across cable news of public hearings by the House January 6th committee that has been in the works since the investigations began. The former President of ABC News James Goldston has been hired by the committee to advise them on how to make the prime time hearings a production to captivate audiences. There will be witnesses and pre-recorded videos featured in the primetime broadcast that has been hyped up by lawmakers in primetime television appearances. Cable networks ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, and MSNBC will feature primetime broadcasts with top cable tv talent, with the exception being Fox News. There will be live coverage with Fox News anchors on Fox Business but on the flagship channel the conservative network will continue regularly scheduled programming. Republicans believe the hearings serve as a distraction from the issues plaguing the Biden administration like inflation, gas prices, and the border. Committee members believe America deserves to know about a planned and premeditated plot to overturn the November 2020 election that ensnares top GOP officials.
The Jan 6th committee has been building up for the spotlight as notable indictments of leaders of the Proud Boys extremist group for seditious conspiracy come from the DOJ. Federal prosecutors believe the attack on the US Capitol was coordinated to disrupt the lawful transfer of Presidential power based on evidence of weapons purchases, discussions in group chats, and other activities beforehand. They will stand trial in August as part of the largest investigation in Justice Department history. Another major story came when former Trump adviser Peter Navarro was charged by the committee for contempt of Congress after he refused to cooperate with the Jan 6th investigations. Navarro and his conservative allies have been sharply critical of the indictment with claims of FBI misconduct, politicized investigations, and hypocrisy from Democrats.
Democrats believe the January 6th televised hearings could give them an opportunity to rebrand ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, where it appears they will see substantial losses across the board. They are counting on Americans to focus more on the GOP’s role in the attack than kitchen table issues like inflation, baby formula, or gas prices. It’s unlikely to affect voting behavior if polling is any indication, especially if ratings for the hearings are not substantially higher than a normal primetime show.
After being sworn into the city council, Uvalde School Police Chief Pete Arredondo was a no show for his first city council meeting on Tuesday. He has been in hiding since the shooting due to his order for officers not to run into the school, and for those who were inside not to breach the classroom door where the shooter was killing kids. Arredondo’s hiding is part of a larger coverup by the local law enforcement in Uvalde who are refusing to release records requests and have begun threatening those who talk to the media. Nonetheless, the survivors of the Uvalde school shooting that killed 19 children and 2 teachers have begun to speak out about their traumatic experience. In an emotional interview with ABC News, a teacher wounded in the shooting spoke about what he witnessed and how he is handling the loss of 11 of his young students. He also declared that he will never forgive the Uvalde police for what they did and will not let the children die in vain. Celebrities have been speaking out about the Uvalde shooting, including Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey who went to the White House to call for gun control measures. The star actor had previously been considered a possible candidate for the Governor of Texas as an independent and has spoken about politics on multiple occasions.
Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was the subject of a murder plot by an armed man who was arrested outside Kavanaugh’s home early Wednesday morning. The man was charged with attempted murder by prosecutors after he was arrested by federal agents while calling an emergency hotline stating his intentions. Authorities say the man wanted to murder Kavanaugh and possessed a pistol, knife, pepper spray, zip ties, and various tools at his disposal. CNN’s coverage of the situation has received criticism for failing to acknowledge the weapons in possession by the man looking to murder Kavanaugh and for blaming right wing extremists for the growing amount of political violence in America. Security for the SCOTUS justices has increased due to threats of violence caused by the leaked opinion stating the intention of the consevrative majority to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion federally. The man in question was upset about this coming decision and the Uvalde school shooting according to statements he made to police detectives. Based out of Simi Valley, California, he remains in custody and appeared in front of a federal judge on Wednesday.
The FBI has seized data concerning retired four star general John Allen’s lobbying on behalf of the Qatari regime after he made false statements and withheld incriminating documents about his role in an illegal scheme. Allen formerly led US and NATO forces in Afghanistan before retiring in 2017 and becoming President of the highly influential DC think tank Brookings Institution. Court filings demonstrate Allen’s influence peddling on behalf of the Gulf nation Qatar in 2017 when a diplomatic crisis erupted involving the nation and its Persian Gulf neighbors. He has since been placed on leave by Brookings Institution effective immediately, and the Institution itself is not part of the investigation. The FBI raid is part of a larger investigation that began with former ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan Richard Olson who pled guilty to federal charges and political donor Imaad Zuberi currently serving a twelve year prison sentence. The high profile corruption scandal embroiling top DC personnel spotlights the concerns over foreign money’s role in the think tank world that greatly influences political decision making.
The public drama between journalists and other employees at the Washington Post has kept going over the past 48 hours. The Post’s executive editor sent out another memo about newsroom values and attacking colleagues online, followed by an identical statement released by all of the WaPo staff about how great it is to work there. The journalist at the heart of the newsroom controversy Felicia Sonmez was then told to stop publicly by a veteran colleague and she continued to meltdown publicly. The staff wide email led to a public response from video producer Breanna Muir, who became part of the drama when she complained about a colleague mistaking her name in a since deleted tweet from a few months ago. She has come out in defense of Sonmez and reprimanded a colleague for telling her to stop melting down on Twitter. Atfer all this, a young Washington Post employee began to do sleuthing online and then weighed in publicly in defense of Sonmez. He scrolled through Twitter likes to find out who agreed with the colleague who told Sonmez to stop blasting her colleagues and the paper online. After the kid became the subject of pile on for obsessively looking through tweets, an old article found of him describing an ‘eating disorder’ at Stanford was dug up and proceeded to be mocked. The young employee complained about not being accommodated for being unable to decide what to eat at his dining hall buffet at Stanford University, and proceeded to double down on the ‘undiagnosed eating disorder’ he described in the article. If the drama does continue to unfold at the WaPo, the timeline of events will be brought to you all on the show because of how powerful an institution the Washington Post is.
In her monologue, Krystal examines the reported personnel shift planned by new leadership at CNN as part of its shift in covering the news. New boss Chris Licht will be evaluating the network’s on air talent seen as overly partisan to see if they can handle the shift in how the network covers the news. Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter are two anchors whose names were mentioned as personalities under scrutiny to see if they can adjust to the new policies. It’s also going to force producers and bookers to get interviews focused on nuance instead of noise. Noise about going back to hard journalism on CNN has been an ambition of the new leadership since before the Discover-Warner Media merger was completed. This is all coming right after CNN decided to kill the obsessive use of the ‘breaking news’ banner flashing on the screen. CNN’s new goals sound good but they are unlikely to last long because of the media model on cable. They do not have a vision to stand up to power or do anything more than a typical cable news network.
Krystal went through a similar shift herself at MSNBC after star anchor Brian Williams was caught in a scandal for self aggrandizing lies. The shift at MSNBC led to Krystal being fired from the network along with a few other left personalities on MSNBC. Their both sides, no labels form of banal corporate journalism did not lead to higher ratings or revive the network until the model was abandoned when Trump came around. The constant coverage of his personal misgivings and outlandish statements instead of his corruption or failed promises revived the network and satisfied advertisers along with Democratic elites guilty of similar things. The same pattern will probably happen at CNN when Trump runs for President again, and the surface level or manufactured outrage will not save the cable news structure from doom.
After the monologue, Krystal and Saagar talk about how the ratings work on cable news and the partisan pundits as a symptom of a larger problem with cable news. The time, talent, institutional capture will not go away no matter what CNN does to change how they cover the news. People are supposed to be hooked to the television to get ratings and reel people into corporate advertising.
In his monologue today, Saagar goes deeper into the Biden executive order on solar panels waiving the tariffs on Chinese produced panels with the Defense Production Act being used as a cover. The executive order functions for Biden to disregard the Commerce department investigation on whether tariffs are being avoided and slave labor in the Chinese supply chain. He used the Defense Production Act as cover for the move but the domestic production matters little when Chinese firms are permitted to undercut the American companies who called for the investigation to begin with. The CCP understands that the neoliberal establishment is more concerned with green energy targets than domestic capacity and an unreliable grid controlled by China. Democrats are going all in on wind and solar despite the coal needed to make them and the slave labor involved in putting them together. It will come at the expense of reliable energy sources America has in droves, natural gas and nuclear power, that are much more reliable for shoring up the grid. Rebuilding domestic capacity has been written out of the equation despite the supply chain issues America is currency facing and the lessons learned from the covid pandemic about relying on adversaries for essential materials. It is a representation of how unserious Democrats are about tackling the problems of the day and trying to build a national economy with a manufacturing base again. Biden has been reluctant to use executive authority to spur energy production or tackle gas prices, but he was willing to issue an executive order to permit Chinese companies to cheat the US market. The administration is complacent in people paying $5/gallon for gas at the pump in a telling demonstration of their priorities.
The GOP is capitalizing on the administration’s executive order but they are facing their own problems with the Texas energy grid primarily reliant on natural gas. When the grid goes down it will be on the fossil fuel zealots hostile to any climate change policies, and electric bills for millions of Texans will soar. When ideology takes the lead over pragmatism in something as vital to everyday life as energy, blackouts and instability are coming to Texas whose grid is too dependent on natural gas and California for being too green.
After the monologue, Krystal and Saagar discuss the coming blackouts in California and Texas due to mismanagement of energy policy. Green ideology does not account for how the climate technology is produced and the lack of sufficiency for solar and wind that ends up being a detriment to the climate change movement. The administration has been extremely tentative with legal limits and executive action normally, except for the flagrant law violations in this executive order. They did not fund the Defense Production Act to bolster the US solar industry and it ends up catering to corporate interests in the short term. Building a domestic solar industry to combat reliance on other countries for national security and mitigating the climate crisis will not happen with this policy.
Krystal and Saagar are joined by journalist Ross Barkan to discuss the San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin’s recall election that led to him getting defeated by a 20 point margin Tuesday night. He took heat for soft on crime policies leading to a more unsafe city with a lower quality of life from minority groups and local politicians. Barkan has written in NY Mag about the backlash coming to Boudin and the larger criminal justice reform movement on the left from a sympathetic perspective. Saagar has disagreements with Barkan’s analysis on the Boudin recall and wanted to bring him on the show to respectfully go back and forth. They discuss the failures of Boudin as a politician in terms of showing empathy to communities affected by violent crime and how it compares to other progressive urban DAs. Progressive Democrats are dealing with issues discussing crime and policing in cities across the country represented by the Boudin recall in San Francisco and elsewhere.
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