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Michael Malice: Anarchism, Gay History, and North Korea

he first guest on The Blaire White Project is one of Blaire’s favorite people, Michael Malice. He is a celebrated author of books such as The Anarchist Handbook, The New Right, and Dear Reader. He also hosts his own podcast “Your Welcome”.

0:00 Michael’s Unique Popularity Within The Online Right 5:02 Being A “Troll Model” 13:22 The Horrors Of North Korea 19:35 Navigating Life As A Public Figure 30:00 Escaping New York City & Hollywood For Austin 38:00 Michael Malice Told Joe Rogan To Put Blaire On His Show 46:09 Michael Schools Blaire On Gay History 54:00 The Right’s Unfortunate Aversion To Art 57:00 How Will History Look Back At The Current Trans Discourse? 1:04:27 How Michael Wants To Be Remembered


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