Jose Nino’s Digest: June 5, 2022

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Mainstream Journalist Spills the Beans on Deep State’s Long-Held Plans for Russia

In a piece by Casey Michel at The Atlantic, talked about how Russia is still a “colonial” power in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Michel argued that Russia is a “haphazard amalgamation of regions and nations with hugely varied histories,…

Jun 05, 2022Big League Politics

Anthony Sabatini Criticizes NATO Expansion

Finding politicians who understand the structural problems is one tough endeavor. Politicians are addicted to finding quick fixes to the many problems we face. For example, politicians in both parties have impulsively voted for increasing military…

Jun 05, 2022Big League Politics

New Poll Suggest that There are Growing Fears of a Civil War Potentially Taking Place in America

According to a poll that the Southern Poverty Law Center released on June 1, 2022, over half of Republicans believe that the US is heading towards another civil war. This poll claims to have found growing levels of radicalization among Democrats and…

Jun 05, 2022Big League Politics

Thomas Massie Slams Janet Yellen’s Economic Mismanagement

Everyone and their dog has a hot take on America’s growing inflation problem. The average liberal or leftist pundit will say that it’s the product of greedy speculators or even Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Yet, no one will mention the real culprits…

Jun 05, 2022Big League Politics

New Study Shows that Foreigners are Settling in the United States at Record Numbers

The United States has added over 2 million immigrants to its population ever since President Joe Biden was installed in office in 2021. This bulk of this migration increase came from illegal aliens according to a report by Steven Camarota and Karen…

Jun 05, 2022Big League Politics

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