Rising: June 1, 2022 Full Show

Finance reporter for The Hill, Sylvan Lane, joins the hosts to discuss President Biden’s plan to address inflation.

Briahna Joy Gray hopes the left and right can have an honest conversation about gun culture in America, in the wake of the tragedies that have happened this month.

Editor-in-chief at The Real News, Max Alvarez, and Newsweek contributor, Denise Long, discuss the Uvalde police’s decision to stop cooperating with the state investigation into last week’s school shooting.

School shooting and mass violence expert, Dr. Peter Langman, talks with the hosts about warning signs and psychology behind school shooters.

Senior fellow and military expert at Defense Priorities, retired Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, weighs in on the new $700M Ukraine weapons deal that includes long-range missiles capable of striking Russian targets with precision.

Briahna Joy Gray and Kim Iversen react to reporting that the NIAID received nearly $10 million in Monkeypox research funding in 2021. Disclaimer: There is no evidence of health officials using monkeypox vaccines as a means to inoculate individuals with the COVID-19 vaccine

Kim Iversen and Briahna Joy Gray discuss Clinton’s 2016 campaign lawyer who was acquitted of lying to the FBI when he presented information about Donald Trump and Russia ahead of that year’s election


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