Jose Nino’s Digest: May 30, 2022 Increasing Numbers of Americans Want Less Immigration, and more

POLL: Increasing Numbers of Americans Want Less Immigration

Growing numbers of Americans want immigration levels to be reduced. A new poll conducted by Politico/Harvard demonstrated that 41% of Americans want immigration to be lowered. This represented a noticeable increase from June 2021, a time when 31% of…

May 30, 2022Big League Politics

The Bush Dynasty Took a Major Blow in the Texas Republican Attorney General Primary

Sponsored Ad On May 24, 2022, Texas Republican voters overwhelmingly rejected the Attorney General candidacy of George P. Bush by voting for the incumbent Attorney General Ken Paxton to the tune of 68%-32% Bush is the son of former Florida Governor…

May 30, 2022The Liberty Loft

Paul Gosar Reminds US Why Our Troops Deserve a Realist Foreign Policy

Sponsored Ad Since it was first celebrated on May 30, 1868, Memorial Day is a federal holiday where Americans commemorate their fallen soldiers. We often forget that soldiers have no choice about the wars our government wages. They ultimately serve…

May 30, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Joe Rogan Speaks the Truth About Gun Bans

Wasting no time to politicize the aftermath of the Uvalde massacre, the pro-gun control Left has used this incident to push for a radical civilian disarmament agenda. Some have even called for the abolition of the Second Amendment, as evidenced by…

May 30, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Thomas Massie Pushes for the Repeal of the Gun-Free School Zones Act

The Uvalde, Texas mass shooting has provoked the usual responses from the bobblehead media and their political allies who desire new means of controlling people’s lives. It’s the natural response of the ruling class, who to paraphrase former Chicago…

May 30, 2022Liberty Conservative News

New York’s Education Department Cancels Statewide History Exam

Following a mass shooting that took place on May 14, 2022 in Buffalo, New York, the New York State Education Department got rid of its statewide standardized history exam. According to a report by Natalie Musumeci at Insider, the state officials…

May 30, 2022Big League Politics

Thomas Massie Exposes the Hypocrisy of Ukrainian Flag Waving Liberals Calling for Gun Control in America

Sponsored Ad Cognitive dissonance is pervasive in American politics. The current Russo-Ukrainian War and the way liberals and neocons have responded to it has been breath-taking to say the least. Liberals have been especially energetic in their…

May 29, 2022Liberty Conservative News

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