Jose Nino’s Digest: May 29, 2022 A New Marshall Plan is Proposed for Ukraine, and more

A New Marshall Plan is Proposed for Ukraine

Is a new Marshall Plan coming to Ukraine? As the ruling class nationwide continues debating what to do in Ukraine during a time when its main forces are being surrounded by Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine, there are now talks about how Ukraine will…

May 29, 2022The Liberty Loft

Thomas Massie and Pro-Gun Advocate Nikki Goeser Make the Case Against Red Flag Laws in Op-Ed

Sponsored Ad The grisly events of May 24, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas, where a gunman brutally murdered 19 children and two teachers, still occupy the center of public policy discussion. The so-called “solutions” that are being put forth to address the…

May 29, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Myron Gaines, the Host of the FreshandFit Podcast Calls Black Lives Matter a “Domestic Terrorist Organization”

titled “@Minister Jap Network DESTROYS Single Moms, Lazy, Fat & Poor Ppl, “Racism”, BLM, and MORE!” On May 22, 2022, the hosts Fresh (Walter Weekes) and Fit (Myron Gaines) sat down with multimedia personality Minister Jap to talk about a host of…

May 28, 2022Big League Politics

Thomas Massie Stands in Firm Opposition to Red Flag Laws

In the aftermath of the Uvalde Massacre that took place on May 24, 2022, every political demagogue under the sun has tried to use this tragedy to justify enormous power grabs and other egregious violations of civil liberties. Very few political…

May 28, 2022Liberty Conservative News

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