The Nation Weekly: Blame Republicans for Uvalde? Yes, but Also Blame the Supreme Court.

“Other countries have disaffected male youths; other countries have weak politicians and powerful interest groups; other countries have scared little men who seek to overcompensate with phallic symbols of power and aggression,” writes our justice correspondent Elie Mystal. “But other countries do not have a fringe cult who think that dead children are an acceptable price for hunting rights.”

In his latest incisive dispatch, Mystal condemns the Republican Party and the Supreme Court for allowing guns to get in the hands of dangerous people. “To stanch gun violence, you must restrict gun access. It really is that simple.”

Blame Republicans for Uvalde? Yes, but Also Blame the Supreme Court.
After radically expanding the definition of the Second Amendment, the Supreme Court is poised to give gunslingers yet another a big, wet kiss.
Elie Mystal
Another Terrible Choice for Biden’s “Disinformation Board”
Michael Chertoff’s experience detaining Muslim Americans, justifying CIA torture, and helping to draft the Patriot Act make him an all-too-appropriate choice to advise this Orwellian agency.
Lev Golinkin
What if the Wind and Sunshine Really Belonged to All of Us?
Only by taking a more radical approach to renewables—one inspired by American history—can we build the constituency needed to make climate justice a reality.
David McDermott Hughes
Fossil Fuels Are a Threat to National Security
The youth movement urges President Biden to act—with or without Congress.
Jerome Foster, Julia Jackson, Alexandria Villaseñor
What Was the Wiretap?
How the long and strange history of wiretapping continues to shape how Americans conceive of surveillance and privacy.
Lora Kelley
John Nichols on Politics in 2024 and Amy Wilentz on Reparations for Haiti
On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, a discussion about Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race and an investigation into Haiti’s forced payments to France.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Midge Decter’s Reactionary Legacy
Ronnie Grinberg joins the Time of Monsters podcast to discuss the leading advocate of anti-feminism and homophobia.
Jeet Heer
May 30/June 6, 2022, Issue
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