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50 DERANGED Fox News ‘Solutions’ To Mass Shootings

The problem is that like anything else it comes down to incentives. The average police officer in Texas makes around $55k a year, which is around $800-900 a week in take-home pay. Unless they are super altruistic, which most people aren’t, cops aren’t going to seriously risk their lives for a routine blue collar salary, unless forced to do so by circumstances (like having an armed robber pointing a gun at you). This has happened in multiple school shooter cases, like Parkland and Columbine. Some folks have been suggesting arming teachers, administrators, staff members, and even students as a means of preventing these things. That’s taken a lot of criticism as a joke idea, but those are people who would have more incentive to take action in a situation like this because it would be a matter of self-defense or defense of one’s immediate community (people they know, etc.)

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