The Lighthouse: May 25, 2022 Independent Institute Weekly Newsletter

The Right to Build Homes Right Now

Lawrence J. McQuillan

Home and rental prices in California continue to set new records. The reason? Government restrictions on private property rights that artificially constrain housing supply. The fix is equally simple: a short amendment to California’s constitution allowing property owners to build housing on their land if they meet basic requirements—without being hog-tied by endless delays. Needed legislation attached. READ MORE »

How to Restore the California Dream

Removing Obstacles to Fast and Affordable Housing Development

By Lawrence J. McQuillan

Congress Has a Stake in the Dollar’s Integrity

Judy L. Shelton (Wall Street Journal)

A cardinal rule in fiscal and monetary policy is that Treasury officials don’t discuss monetary policy and Federal Reserve authorities don’t discuss exchange rates. So whom do we turn to when the currency fails, as it is now failing, to fulfill its basic functions? Congress—and it needs to act. READ MORE »

WATCH: The Gold Standard: Prospect & Retrospect 50 Years After the Bretton Woods System

The FDA Could Easily Solve the Baby Formula Shortage

Raymond J. March and Glenn L. Furton (Fortune)

Who’s to blame for the severe baby-formula shortage? Supply chain issues, the problems at the Abbott facility? Yes—but the biggest malefactor? The FDA and its restrictive regulations on imports from Europe, which is awash in formula. If we ever needed an “emergency use authorization” (EUA) to jump-start those imports, that time is now. READ MORE »

American Health Care

Government, Market Processes and the Public Interest

Edited by Roger D. Feldman

What Firearms Have “Common-Use” Protections?

Stephen P. Halbrook (America’s First Freedom)

What “arms” are protected by the Second Amendment? Since this is a Constitutional right, the people, not the government, decide—and the arms that are protected are those that citizens keep in their homes and carry on their persons. When the Supreme Court decides New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, will it strengthen or undermine this long-established “common-use” test? READ MORE »

The Right to Bear Arms

A Constitutional Right of the People or a Privilege of the Ruling Class?

By Stephen P. Halbrook

Refundable Tax Credits Could Be the Healthcare Reform We Need

John C. Goodman (Washington Times)

Here’s an idea. Give Americans refundable tax credits to be deposited into personal health saving accounts. We’d get, as a result, health plans tailored to family needs and portable from job to job and in and out of the labor market. Or we could just continue with Obamacare, and enrich the insurance giants with billions in tax-payer subsides for worse care at skyrocketing prices. READ MORE »

New Way to Care

Social Protections that Put Families First

By John C. Goodman

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