Freedom News Digest: TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2022

Mine is better than ours.
Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack [1756]

*NOTE: Yesterday’s quote was improperly attributed to Jacob Sullum. The author was John Stuart Mill.

May 24, 2022
Statist Ecstasy Over Cuban Suffering
American conservatives, especially the Pentagon and the CIA, have to be in a state of ecstasy over an article about Cuba that appeared in last Sunday’s Washington Post. The article stated that “in a nation plagued by malnutrition,” there is no milk for the Cuban people to purchase. The article points out that Cuba “careens through its worst economic crisis in 30 years” …
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Federal Testing Debacle Multiplied COVID Carnage
James Bovard
The Future of Freedom Foundation
Preparing for Payment System Fragility
by Robert E. Wright
Economics as an Antidote to Envy
by Clara Piano
Law & Liberty
ICE Probably Spied on You
by Farrah Hassen
Other Words
Thinking About Current Views on Trade
by James Pethokoukis
What’s Biden’s End Game in Ukraine?
by Ron Paul
Ron Paul Institute
The Links Between Foreign Governments and America’s Foreign Policy “Experts”
by Ben Freeman with Scott Horton
The Scott Horton Show
Washington’s Tolerance of Death Squad ‘Democracies’
by Ted Galen Carpenter
U.S. Leaders Knew We Didn’t Have to Drop Atomic Bombs on Japan to Win the War. We Did It Anyway
by Gar Alperovitz and
Martin J. Sherwin
Los Angeles Times
Ethanol and Inflation
by Jerry Jung
Washington Times
Conservatism, Libertarianism, and John Stuart Mill
by Laurence M. Vance
Although most conservatives of today seem to have forgotten him, conservatives of yesteryear honored and revered Russell Kirk (1918–1994). After receiving his bachelor’s degree …
Additional Adverse Consequences of Inflation
by Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling
Are there adverse consequences to inflation in addition to rising prices? FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Citadel …
Get Ready to Be Muzzled: The Coming War on So-Called Hate Speech
by John W. Whitehead
Beware of those who want to monitor, muzzle, catalogue and censor speech. Especially be on your guard when the reasons given for limiting…
The Ninth Circuit Upholds the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
by Scott McPherson
California’s Ninth Circuit has ruled in a 2-1 decision that a state ban on 18- to 20-year-olds buying semiautomatic rifles is inconsistent with the …
In the Beginning: The Mont Pelerin Society, 1947
by Richard M. Ebeling
Seventy-five years ago, there occurred an important event in the post–World War II revival of free-market liberal ideas. Over the first ten days of …
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