Jose Nino’s Digest: May 23, 2022

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Anthony Sabatini Calls for All Red States to Pass E-Verify

Due to how gridlocked politics is in Washington DC, many wedge issues such as immigration restriction can’t be voted on so easily, let alone be implemented via legislative action. As a result, states have largely been compelled to take matters into…

May 23, 2022Liberty Conservative News

National Border Patrol Council President Warns that Cartels Will Completely Control Border Once Title 42 Ends

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd recently said that drug cartels will have “complete control” of the southern border once the Title 42 public health order to deport illegal aliens is allowed to expire on May 23. Fox News anchor…

May 23, 2022Liberty Conservative News

New Study Shows that School Districts with Mask Mandates Experienced Largest Declines in Student Enrollment

Sponsored Ad While governments’ responses to the Wuhan virus pandemic have been terrible, there has been a silver lining in this entire process. These extreme circumstances have resulted in a notable exodus from public schools. For example, public…

May 23, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Paul Gosar Reminds His Followers that Russia is Not America’s #1 Threat

It’s amazing how delusional some members of the ruling class are when it comes to identifying who are America’s real enemies. Since the US embraced a muscular foreign policy well over a century ago, politicians on both sides of the political spectrum…

May 22, 2022Liberty Conservative News

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