Freedom News Digest: THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2022

Each party to every voluntary exchange must necessarily gain, giving up what he values less in order to get what he values more, else he would not freely enter the trade.
— Paul L. Poirot, The Freeman [1965]

May 19, 2022
Gun-Control Laws Disarmed the Tops VictimsOnce again, with the shooting massacre at the Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York, we are able to see the disastrous consequence of gun-control laws. Ten innocent people dead and three others wounded. The response of the gun-control crowd is predictable. They say that the shooting shows we need even more gun control than already exists in New York, which has some of the most stringent gun-control laws in the nation. …
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Get Ready to Be Muzzled: The Coming War on So-Called Hate Speech
by John W. Whitehead
The Future of Freedom Foundation
Tops shooting and Hochul’s knee-jerk attack on the First, Second Amendments
by Andrew P. Napolitano
Washington Times
Gun Control, States’ Rights, and Bernie Sanders
by David Gillette and Lauren Frazier
James M. Buchanan and the Political Economy of Debt Financing
by Donald J. Boudreaux
Fraser Institute
The Case for the Austrian School of Economics
by Per Bylund with Fergus Hodgson
Gold Newsletter
How the West Brought War to Ukraine
by Benjamin Abelow
Why Would US Give a War Guarantee – to Finland?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Keep Finland And Sweden Out Of NATO
by Bradley Devlin
American Conservative
West Should Stop Sacrificing Principles in Ukraine’s Name
by Doug Bandow
United States Military Exonerates Itself for the 2019 Airstrike in Syria that Killed Dozens of Civilians
by Brett Wilkins

The Ninth Circuit Upholds the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
by Scott McPherson
Future of Freedom
In the Beginning: The Mont Pelerin Society, 1947
by Richard M. Ebeling
Seventy-five years ago, there occurred an important event in the post–World War II revival of free-market liberal ideas. Over the first ten days of …
You’ve Been Flagged as a Threat
by John W. Whitehead
You’ve been flagged as a threat. Before long, every household in America will be similarly flagged and assigned a threat score….
Confronting Evil at Home
by The Future of Freedom Foundation
Amazon Review Excerpts: An Encounter with Evil: The Abraham Zapruder Story by Jacob Hornberger
Libertarian Angle: The Biggest Threat to Our Liberty
by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Future of Freedom Foundation
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