Rising: May 18, 2022 Full Show

An attorney for the the Democratic lobbying firm, Blue Star Strategies, says the DOJ inquiry into the firm’s lobbying efforts on behalf of the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, has closed with “no finding of any wrongdoing.” Robby Soave and Briahna Joy Gray discuss.

Briahna Joy Gray takes a closer look at The Great Replacement theory, and argues that liberal media’s focus on Tucker Carlson is a red herring.

Kim Iversen discusses the debate around whether COVID-19 vaccines weaken the immune system, and how booster shots might affect antibodies.

Briahna Joy Gray, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to more leaked Project Veritas video showing Twitter executives.

Max Alvarez and Denise Long discuss messages that appear to show the Buffalo Supermarket Shooting suspect’s months-long plan to carry out the attack, and also weigh in on President Joe Biden’s recent condemnation of white supremacy in America.

Julia Manchester and Kellie Meyer weigh in on last night’s primary elections, with a special focus on the races in Pennsylvania with John Fetterman’s win, and Madison Cawthorn’s loss in North Carolina.

Dr. Samar Al-Bulushi discusses President Biden’s secret signing of an order authorizing the redeployment of special forces to Somalia, in efforts to target al-Shabab leaders in the country. This move reverses former President Trump’s decision to withdraw there.

Briahna Joy Gray, Robby Soave, and Kim Iversen react to the Biden administration’s ‘pause’ of the disinformation governance board.


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