Jose Nino’s Digest: May 17, 2022

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Joe Kent Calls for Special Forces to be Deployed at the US Border Not Somalia

Politicians in the United States are allergic to pursuing foreign policy measures that positively advance US national interests. Most of the US’s foreign policy excursions are largely predicated on ideological fixations or are military conflicts in…

May 17, 2022Liberty Conservative News

The Biden Regime Approves the Deployment of Hundreds of Special Forces Troops to Somalia

Make no mistake about it, the Biden regime is not pursuing a foreign policy of restraint. On May 16, 2022, the Biden regime demonstrated this by authorizing the deployment of American troops to Somalia. This move was a reversal of a Trump era policy…

May 17, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Anthony Sabatini Calls for Republicans Who Voted for Massive Ukraine Aid Bill to be Voted Out of Office

The DC Uniparty showed its true colors when a $40 billion military aid package to Ukraine was passed on a 368-57 vote on May 10, 2022. Curiously, the 57 elected officials who voted against the bill were all Republicans. However, the majority of…

May 17, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Don Huffines Calls for a Strong Governor to Take On the Current Border Crisis

The collapse at the southern border is one of the worst aspects of the Biden regime that America has had to put up with since he was installed in office in 2020. Every day, illegal alien invaders burst through America’s southern border with relative…

May 17, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Don Huffines Congratulates Rand Paul for His Heroic Non-Interventionist Stance on Ukraine

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s heroic stand against interventionists who want to continue waging a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine has not been ignored. Former Texas State Senator and Republican gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines congratulated…

May 16, 2022Liberty Conservative News

Chip Roy Exposes Democrats’ Plot to Import Massive Amounts of Migrants to Politically Transform the Country

The corporate press makes it a point to demonize any Republican official who talks about demographics or attempts by Democrats to import millions of migrants to electorally transform America. However, when a left-wing pundit talks about how America’s…

May 16, 2022Big League Politics

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