Freedom News Digest: SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2022

Ukraine is increasingly becoming a proxy for the full military might of the US and NATO. The US is providing the weapons, providing the training and aiming the guns. It is fighting a war that holds on to being a proxy war only in that it is not providing the bodies.

Ted Snider,
Five Reasons To Be Increasingly Worried About the War in Ukraine” [2022]

May 6, 2022
An Ideal Foreign Policy
With revelations that U.S. national-security state officials assisted their counterparts in Ukraine to kill Russian generals and also to sink a Russian ship, it is becoming increasingly clear that the United States has been a combatant in the Russia-Ukraine war since the beginning and is simply using Ukraine as a proxy to destroy Russia and the regime of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.
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Five Reasons To Be Increasingly Worried About the War in Ukraine
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