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DeSantis vs. Disney: Who won Florida’s feud?

By Harold Maass The Week

Disney just learned the hard way why companies shouldn’t force their “woke” politics on lawmakers, said The Wall Street Journal in an editorial. “Disney employees demanded that Mickey Mouse oppose Florida’s misdescribed ‘don’t say gay’ bill,” and CEO Bob Chapek dutifully vowed to fight to repeal the law, which prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through third grade. Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) responded by getting lawmakers last week to dismantle the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which has let Disney World “run its own private government” since 1967.

“Even demographic groups that Democrats believed to be unshakably liberal are joining the backlash” against the force-feeding of “woke doctrines about race and gender” to students in our schools, said editor-in-chief Jonathan Tobin at Newsweek. By siding with the “woke” mob against parents, Disney threw its hard-earned reputation as a family-friendly company out the window.

Criticizing corporate America

DeSantis is the one turning on former allies, says Giulia Heyward at The New York Times. Once upon a time, Republicans were the party that supported big business. But since former President Donald Trump’s rise, the GOP has “increasingly seen political benefit in criticizing corporate America” over hot-button issues in the culture wars. But at what cost? The Reedy Creek Improvement District has allowed Disney to regulate its own construction projects, fix its own potholes, and pay for its own fire department, saving it millions in taxes and fees every year. Disney has “leveraged the benefits” to build a massive resort that has 80,000 workers, making it central Florida’s biggest employer. DeSantis’ political attack could drive it to “reduce its future investment in the resort’s expansion,” or even take up other states on offers to relocate some of its attractions.


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  1. A Jew from the “Jewish News Syndicate” (no, I did not make that up) and another Jew at the New York Times say that Republicans (i.e., “Christians” and “the Religious (Christian) Right”) are hypocrites because they are supposed to be for, like, big corporations but now they are engaging in “culture wars” and they are voting against their own interests because of all those Disney jobs.

    The reality is the opposite, of course. Corporate America and the Democrat party have been shoving “woke” down everyone’s throat and even firing people for not wanting to engage in transvestite kink role play and call men “Susie.”

    Now the Democrats are going to lie even more and pretend it is not them, it’s really the Republicans pushing all the “culture war” stuff and Democrats just want “health care.”

    It’s all the same bullshit they have been saying for twenty, thirty years. It’s meaningless tripe Democrats pay grad students to write and call it “journalism.”

    I hope DeSantis fires every Queer Diversity Studies Community College Professor in Florida and basically end the FL Democratic party once and for all.

    Of what use to anyone are these Professional Democrats? Fire them and hire some bright high school grads to build some infrastructure.

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