Freedom Digest April 27, 2022

Modern war is not a war of royal armies. It is a war of the peoples, a total war. It is a war of states which do not leave to their subjects any private sphere; they consider the whole population a part of the armed forces. Whoever does not fight must work for the support and equipment of the army. Army and people are one and the same. The citizens passionately participate in the war. For it is their state, their God, who fights.
Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government [1944]

Leftists Lose When People Move
by Scott McPherson
Over half of the American people believe the country is on the “wrong track,” according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released back in February. And …
The Immorality and Crises of Border Controls
by Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling
Why is the U.S. government prohibiting Ukrainian refugees from coming to the United States? Join FFF president …
No-Knock Raids Rip a Hole in the Fourth Amendment
by John W. Whitehead
It’s the middle of the night. Your neighborhood is in darkness. Your household is asleep. Suddenly, you’re awakened by a loud noise…
Can Capitalism Survive? 80 Years After Schumpeter’s Answer
by Richard M. Ebeling
Eighty years ago, in the midst of the Second World War, Austrian-born economist Joseph A. Schumpeter published one of his most famous books, Capitalism, …
The Second Amendment Enshrines Our Right to Self-Defense
by Scott McPherson
On April 1, four criminal thugs broke into a man’s house in Longre, France. Responding as any reasonable human would, the homeowner fired twice …
Ludwig von Mises’s Idea on Self-Determination Might Have Saved Ukraine
by Richard M. Ebeling
The Future of Freedom Foundation
Ukraine Is a Pawn on the Grand Chessboard
by Rick Sterling
The Ukraine War is a Racket
by Ron Paul
Ron Paul Institute
Putin Is Already Using His Nuclear Weapons
by Daniel Ellsberg with
Robert Scheer
Scheer Post
Against World War III
by David Bromwich
Learning Street Corner Economics in London
by Gary M. Galles
Teaching Economics
by Kenneth Elzinga with
Juliette Sellgren
The Great Antidote
Must We Make a Case Against Dictatorship?
by Jeffrey A. Tucker
Brownstone Institute
It’s a Mistake to Ban Holocaust Denial
by Jeff Jacoby
Boston Globe
How this Economist Championed the Free Market in Africa
by Magatte Wade & Michael Strong
Washington Examiner

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