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What The Fuck Are You Even Talking About?

By Peter R. Quinones

I know that I used to do the things I rage against now. I would distribute one ‘Barnum Statement’ after another. Everything was a bumper sticker slogan. But how can anyone still hold onto that ‘strategy’ after COVID clearly made the lines on the map bold?

COVID made it clear to me that we’re in a war and strictly adhering to an ideology where purity comes first wasn’t going to help in the fight ahead. There are two groups of people now: those who despise me and want me dead but will settle for my submission; and those who are happy to let me live my life in peace. Yes, many in the second group are cheering for Ukraine and aren’t anti-war. I don’t care. I care about people who want me to be left alone.

I also know that group 2 are statists, and that brings me to my next point. So what? The amount of people in the world who aren’t statists is a fraction of the population. And you’re not special because you’re not a statist. If you believe you are in fact special, and you feel the need to use the term statist as a pejorative instead of as a descriptor against the masses of humanity that surround you, then you’re not in this to find the ‘liberty’ I asked you to contemplate here. You just want to insult people who if you bothered to talk to you may find you agree with on 80% of issues that are important to you. But no, keep blathering on about how the State doesn’t even need to promote statism because the people do it for them. You do understand that means that if the State was removed tomorrow, those people would immediately rebuild it, right? Maybe you should find a better strategy. Just a thought.


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