Breaking Points: 4/10/22 FULL UNCUT AMA

Krystal and Saagar answer your questions about the one year anniversary, basics on unions, Breaking Points drinking game, an actual America First movement, synthesizing the news, and more!

To ask a question, go to the Breaking Points AMA page here:…

Timestamps: One Year: 0:003:59 Unions: 4:0011:35 Drinking: 11:3613:40 America First: 13:4118:39 News: 18:4023:14

Questions: 1. Any big plans or announcements coming for the 1 year anniversary show? 2. Unions for dummies? 3. Breaking Points drinking game. 4. I want to be “America First” but Trump ruined it. Can the GOP turn it around? 5. How do you do it?

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