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Communication: Blogging is a way of communicating ideas

By Bill Baillie, European Outlook

Blogging is a way of communicating ideas that was not available years ago. We had leaflets and newsletters of course but they were expensive to produce and hard to distribute. We had to trudge from door to door putting leaflets through letterboxes, or stand on street corners, sometimes in the rain, trying to sell papers. Today it’s so much easier, ‘Nation Revisited’ and ‘European Outlook’ reach readers all over the world, with very little physical effort.

I salute those dedicated souls who still publish hard copy magazines. Printing and postage is so costly that even commercial titles like ‘The Independent’ are now online. It must be a constant struggle to produce magazines like; ‘Heritage and Destiny’, ‘Candour’, and ‘The League Sentinel’. You might wonder why an old Remainer like me reads Brexit-supporting periodicals? The answer is that they are broad-minded enough to print my letters and articles.

When I started ‘Nation Revisited’ in 2005 I used to print and post 20 or so hard copies for people who were not computer savvy. Unfortunately, they have all passed away.

With the coming of the Internet there is no danger of being soaked to the skin or punched on the nose, but I have to tread the tightrope of censorship. I have upset the ‘Community Standards’ of most of the social media platforms, but time spent on the naughty step is a small price to pay for getting my message across. And it’s a pleasure to receive e-mails and comments from readers. I realise that I can’t compete with the mainstream media, but as long as I am able to use a computer keyboard I will continue to campaign against our rotten government of crooks and liars.

‘Nation Revisited’ is posted on the first of every month, ‘European Outlook’ is posted less often; whenever I have got enough copy.


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