Breaking Points: 1/31 FULL UNCUT SHOW

Krystal and Saagar break down the Ukrainian leadership’s discontent with hawkish media, liberal dark money, polling on covid and SCOTUS, a convoy of Truckers protesting in Canada, NBC News hiring more neocons, Rogan’s response to Spotify, railway workers getting railroaded, Joe Rogan vs hedge funds, the stock market with Dylan Ratigan, & more!
Timestamps: Ukraine: 0:0015:59 Dark Money: 16:0028:03 Polls: 28:0439:06 Truckers: 39:0750:01 NBC: 50:0257:31 Rogan: 57:321:09:33 Krystal: 1:09:341:18:27 Saagar: 1:18:281:30:20 Dylan Ratigan: 1:30:211:49:36

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