Breaking Points: 1/27/22 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar talk about the SCOTUS shakeup caused by Justice Breyer’s retirement, bipartisan support for war in Ukraine, good news as companies invest billions into rust belt manufacturing, Amazon propaganda being taught in schools, Spotify choosing Joe Rogan over Neil Young, the need to free children from school masking, Biden’s humiliation on global vaccine distribution, and how our attention has been stolen by corporate interests with Johann Hari.
Johann Hari’s Book:
Timestamps: SCOTUS: 0:0014:02 Ukraine: 14:0326:25 Good News: 26:2638:19 Amazon: 38:2045:58 Neil Young: 45:5955:26 Saagar: 55:271:05:55 Krystal: 1:05:561:13:43 Johann Hari: 1:13:441:31:35

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