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Why San Francisco Is Denying Reality

I can’t say I am much impressed with this latest trend in “law and order liberalism” that has emerged lately. In case these folks hadn’t noticed, we’ve had a pandemic and related economic recession and lockdowns for two years now. Not to mention the Third Worldization of the US class system for nearly 40 years.  These are precisely the kinds of conditions that generate increased crime rates. Loss of legitimacy by the government and law enforcement likely contributes as well, but whose fault is that? Forty years of police statism doesn’t exactly endear law enforcement to anyone, either.

By Michael Shellenberger

The San Francisco Chronicle has acknowledged that the city is operating a supervised drug site, but the city continues to deny it. Why?

The San Francisco Chronicle today published an article confirming that San Francisco city government is operating a supervised drug use and drug dealing site on public property and within the auspices of a “Linkage Center” ostensibly to link homeless addicts to rehab. “The revelation that people are using drugs at the site was first reported on the Substack newsletter of Michael Shellenberger,” acknowledged The Chronicle.

San Francisco city government officials are denying that they are operating a supervised drug consumption site. A “spokesperson for the Department running the linkage center denied the city was operating a supervised consumption site,” reported The Chronicle. “When asked by The Chronicle what happens if someone tries to use drugs in the outdoor or indoor areas of the linkage center, and whether staff will allow the practice to continue, [spokesperson] Zamora did not answer directly.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed and members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have advocated a supervised drug consumption site, and purchased two properties in the Tenderloin to serve people suffering from addiction. There is a reasonable debate to be had about whether there should be supervised drug use sites for hard-core drug addicts. The Netherlands, which is a model nation for dealing with addiction and untreated mental illness among the homeless, has 28 drug consumption rooms.


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