Breaking Points: 1/19/22 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar talk on this special Wednesday show about the cultish behavior of the Democratic Party, the popularity of banning Congressional stock trading, tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s meltdown, Joe Rogan censorship attempts, the billionaire problem, Starbucks workers’ revolution, and fact from fiction on all things covid with Dr. Vinay Prasad.


Dr. Prasad’s Article:… D

r. Prasad’s Work:…

Timestamps: Dem Cult: 0:0016:51 Stock Ban: 16:5227:14 Ukraine: 27:1540:34 Crenshaw: 40:3548:42 Rogan: 48:4357:36 Saagar: 57:371:08:46 Krystal: 1:08:471:18:21 Dr. Prasad: 1:18:221:49:35

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