Breaking Points: 1/11/22 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar talk about CDC messaging on covid, brutal new polls for Dems, a potential famine in Afghanistan, price fixing by the Ivy League, a proposal to ban stock trading by legislators, Bernie’s challenge to the Democratic party, MSNBC’S hiring of a Kamala official, Dan Crenshaw’s big tech fraud, and more!


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Timestamps: CDC: 0:0017:58 Polls: 17:5926:47 Afghanistan: 26:4837:43 Ivy League: 37:4446:52 Pelosi: 46:5354:19 Krystal: 54:201:04:12 Saagar: 1:04:131:14:02 Rachel Bovard: 1:14:031:27:36

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