Breaking Points: 1/10/22 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar discuss the December jobs report numbers, liberal cringe on January 6th, Ted Cruz’s heated appearance on Tucker Carlson, SCOTUS misinformation during vaccine mandate hearings, POLITICO’s major reporting screwup, CDC lies on covid & kids, the frauds on the anti-vax right, intergenerational warfare between millennials & boomers, and more!


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Timestamps: Jobs: 0:0018:10 1/6 Fails: 18:1127:49 Ted Cruz: 27:5038:21 SCOTUS: 38:2248:59 POLITICO: 49:0058:14 Saagar: 58:151:08:06 Krystal: 1:08:071:19:29 Philip Pilkington: 1:19:301:36:32

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