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Contesting American Identity | Glenn Loury & Amy Wax | The Glenn Show

0:00 The latest attempt to get Amy fired from Penn Law 5:41 Should we be worried even about elite non-Western immigration? 19:21 Amy: “There’s nothing wrong with stereotyping” when it’s done correctly 26:28 Glenn: America need immigrants if we’re going to compete 34:23 Why aren’t we looking harder for technical talent in America? 40:09 The problem with “equal representation” 47:15 Glenn: Wokeness is a political problem that must be fought politically 59:38 The collective action problem of “commonsense” race politics 1:02:36 Is Charles Murray right to worry about white identity politics? 1:18:12 Glenn: “We need to abandon the identitarian matrix altogether” 1:26:37 Was European colonialism especially bad or an expression of broader human tendencies? Glenn Loury and Amy Wax (University of Pennsylvania Law School) Recorded on December 19, 2021

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