Organization, Repression, Burnout, Action: A Discussion with CrimethInc

In this latest episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we are joined with a participant of the CrimethInc. collective as we spend several hours broadly discussing contemporary anarchist history and organization, the impact of both material conditions and repression on those organizational forms, how we can build and maintain healthy group dynamics, and the impact of post-rebellion and pandemic burn-out. Some of the key topics touched on include:

  • How historically forms of formal and informal organization have been directly shaped by State repression and the material conditions at the time, not just simply ideology.
  • A look at the impact of the anti-globalization movement, Occupy, the student occupation movement, and the Oscar Grant and Ferguson rebellions on autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial struggles.
  • How anarchist ideas and forms spread in the pre-internet age.
  • The impact of repression on multi-generational movements and maintaining trust.
  • The real weight of burnout and the need to build healthy and holistic group dynamics in our organizing models.


Categories: Activism

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