Breaking Points: 12/23/21 Full UNCUT Show


Krystal and Saagar look at the positive Omicron variant news, Biden getting pushed on covid tests, student loan payments being paused again, FBI infiltrating BLM protests, Amazon warehouse workers dying in Bessemer, biggest media lies of 2021, Saagar’s year end retrospective, how Breaking Points fans are feeling about 2022, and more!
Timestamps: Omicron: 0:0014:35 Biden: 14:3623:50 Student Loans: 23:5132:01 FBI: 32:0240:46 Amazon: 40:4750:06 Krystal: 50:071:08:30 Saagar: 1:08:311:16:50 New Years: 1:16:511:28:46

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