Breaking Points: 12/13/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar cover the worsening inflation numbers, devastating tornadoes in Appalachia, Pfizer’s campaign for another booster, Starbucks workers unionizing, Chris Wallace’s puzzling decision, Apple selling out to China, MSNBC vs Julian Assange, the next steps for Julian Assange with his brother, and more!
Timestamps: Donziger: 0:004:54 Inflation: 4:5518:23 Tornadoes: 18:2427:31 4th Shot: 27:3238:51 Starbucks: 38:5251:09 Chris Wallace: 51:101:05:31 Saagar: 1:05:321:14:47 Krystal: 1:14:481:26:28 Gabriel Shipton: 1:26:291:39:51

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