Breaking Points: 11/29/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar talk about the Omicron variant of covid, Biden’s thanksgiving, Kamala and Pete joining forces, Amazon firing a homeless worker, Hillary Clinton still being out of touch, how Big Pharma and Bill Gates are perpetuating the pandemic, Jared Kushner’s Saudi dollars, a scientific perspective on Omicron, and more!
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Timestamps: Omicron: 0:0018:16 Bidensgiving: 18:1727:45 Kamala/Pete: 27:4637:43 Amazon: 37:4447:59 Hillary: 48:0057:08 Krystal: 57:091:07:50 Saagar: 1:07:511:18:33 Abdul El-Sayed: 1:18:341:30:47

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