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Closing Out The Rittenhouse Trial – What Did We Learn?

By Peter R. Quiñones

If you ever concerned yourself with Kyle Rittenhouse (KR) crossing state lines with a scary AR-15 there’s a reason: that was the narrative constructed almost immediately by the corporate press. It had nothing to do with the facts of the case. To shine a light on the hypocrisy of the “crossing state lines” narrative you were fed, most of those “journalists” don’t believe in any borders for the United States, but now, because a white kid killed a couple criminals with the “boogeyman rifle,” they want you to believe they care about State designated boundaries? Please!

The tragedy of this whole thing is that the government, working with the corporate media and their apparatchiks on social media, constructed a scenario where private businesses and buildings could be destroyed while this cabal would run interference for the criminals in the streets. How many people know that 25 people were murdered during these “protests?” How many people know the extent of the damage to private property? Why don’t they? Because that cabal, with power over the most important thing in politics, the narrative, orchestrated the cover-up.

KR was the outlier. Should he have been there? No. The police or National Guard should’ve stopped this when it started. But KR was there. Every member of his family, except for his mother, lived there. He also had a job there. It was 20 minutes from his home in Illinois. He was there because business owners worried that the things they had sweated to build would be destroyed. And when he was attacked by Joseph Rosenbaum, a man who not only had raped 5 boys between the ages of 9-11, but had been released from a mental institution that day because he tried to kill himself, Kyle helped him finish what he couldn’t on his own. Strangely, no one has asked if that’s exactly what Rosenbaum wanted. Suicide-by-cop is a real thing, but there were no cops around.

The next two incidents where he fired his gun have been examined repeatedly. Yes, if you attempt to bludgeon me with a skateboard and I am armed I am going to shoot you. And yes, if you lift a gun and point it at me you will end up “disarmed” and the next candidate to be the drummer in Def Leppard. I have no sympathy for these people. They were there promoting and causing chaos and that is one of the biggest fears humans possess. I believe it is why people desire a State. It appears to be a very simple incentive, avoiding chaos.

By finding Kyle innocent, the message should be that if people come to destroy your shit, defend it by any means necessary. That’s what I believe was won. 17-year-old KR carried an AR-15 into an urban area in utter chaos, was attacked, and defended himself. If those who lost their lives really prized them, they would’ve been home. They took the risk of going out and generating chaos and destruction and they paid the ultimate price. I have no sympathy for them. KR took that risk as well and was the victor on August 25th, 2020.

I don’t think KR is a hero. In a country that wasn’t being controlled by complete sociopaths, KR would’ve been home with his family that night. Or bowling. He chose to be out there because of circumstances orchestrated by others, not by him. He made it out alive. 25 other people didn’t last year and those people were just living their lives or protecting their property. 25 people were murdered in the streets of the alleged “freest country on the planet” and no one is remembering them except their own families. No, the corporate press and the government choose to remember a child-rapist, thief and a man who abuses women. We are a sick culture and if that doesn’t change, Kenosha on the evening of August 25th, 2020, could become a frequent occurrence elsewhere.

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