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The Star Too Far

By Thales, Declination

Watching the election in Virginia, and to a lesser extent in New Jersey, was fascinating. In 2020, the Establishment pulled every stop, every dirty trick, perhaps even outright fraud but certainly, at a bare minimum, a relentlessly biased media campaign. And, naturally, it worked. Yet the same kind of bombardment failed in Virginia. Trotting out fake Neo Nazis was caught and exposed. Open taunting about controlling schools and the education of children failed to sway parents. Fraud – at least in Virginia – either failed to materialize or was just insufficient to stop the tide.

If this had been Florida, or another very borderline state, we could write off the result as a slight swing in favor of one party or the other, but Virginia has been Blue since the Bush II days. Make no mistake, something big happened there.

Looking back, Donald Trump failed to significantly reverse Progressive gains during his presidency, but he did do one thing very well: he antagonized his opponents to such a degree that they expended enormous amounts of energy to defeat him. Money and political capital flowed freely. Journalists brazenly exposed their bias. Chants of Hitler and Nazi reached a fever pitch that dwarfed Bush Derangement Syndrome by orders of magnitude. Never forget a young woman… or man… who could tell… screaming the moment Donald Trump took office. It was the symbol for the following four years. American Leftists went mad. Establishment figures spared no expense ridding themselves of the man. Money, fraud, collusion, outright lies, ridiculous stories like the Steele Dossier, and foolish stooges like the Lincoln Project threw everything at him.


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