Breaking Points: 11/11/21 Full UNCUT Show

“Breaking Points” and “Rising” are the only two mainstream, professionally produced, news programs that I consider to be worthy of an audience. While the politics of the hosts are light years away from mine, these programs actually do real journalism and cover real stories, unlike the rest of the mainstream media, which is just pro-wrestling, ESPN, and soap operas rolled into one.

Krystal and Saagar talk about the inflation numbers for October 2021, important issues in 2022, civil war within the GOP over infrastructure, Rep. Adam Schiff’s lies, MSNBC turnover, Starbucks unionization, billionaire space race, working class swing voters, and more!
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Timestamps: Inflation: 0:0014:17 2022: 14:1824:34 Infrastructure: 24:3535:32 Schiff: 35:3345:14 MSNBC: 45:1555:08 Krystal: 55:091:03:24 Saagar: 1:03:251:12:27 Dustin Guastella: 1:12:281:25:29

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