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No One Is Wasting Their Ecstasy on Your Kids’ Halloween Candy

By Reason

The myth of the candy poisoner

Dear police: Can you please stop telling parents to check their kids’ Halloween candy for drugs?

Urging tens of millions of Americans to look for something that isn’t there is completely pointless, yet every Halloween, the authorities do this.

Then again, maybe worrying about outrageously unlikely crimes is just something the government does. I once met an FBI employee whose job was to warn school bus drivers about possible terrorist hijackings. She and I were both speakers at a school bus driver convention. (The glamorous life of a thought leader.)

Every year, some police department makes it into the news cycle by warning about drugs disguised as candy. They do this without ever mentioning that if you like drugs enough to buy them, you probably don’t want to give them away to someone who will not pay for them, will not appreciate them, and most likely will not even be around when they ingest them, meaning you’ll miss all the fun of watching them.


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