Breaking Points: 10/25/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar discuss Biden’s polling collapse with independents, Democratic battles in the reconciliation bill negotiations, the tragic death on Alec Baldwin’s film set, new anti-corruption rules at the Federal Reserve, CNN escalating its feud with Joe Rogan, Dr. Fauci’s growing list of lab leak lies, how port truckers are exploited in the supply chain, election analysis in Virginia, and more!

Timestamps: Biden Polls: 0:0016:44 Reconciliation: 16:4528:37 Alec Baldwin: 28:3837:57 Stock Rules: 37:5848:29 Rogan vs CNN: 48:3056:56 Saagar: 56:571:08:04 Krystal: 1:08:051:18:03 Kyle Kondik: 1:18:041:29:17

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