Breaking Points: 10/18/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar break down the John Deere worker strike, Bernie Sanders battling Joe Manchin, more news about Jeffrey Epstein, Katie Couric covering up for RBG, Sanjay Gupta’s return to CNN, Pete Buttigieg, the Trump problem, monopoly power with Matt Stoller, and more! Soon after the full show is released, the extended Matt Stoller interview will be sent to your inbox and posted on Supercast!

Timestamps: John Deere: 0:0017:34 Sanders v Manchin: 17:3528:20 Epstein: 28:2137:14 Katie Couric: 37:1546:37 Don Lemon: 46:3856:19 Colin Powell: 56:201:01:27 Krystal: 1:01:281:12:05 Saagar: 1:12:061:21:51 Matt Stoller: 1:21:521:39:43

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