Breaking Points: 10/5/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar break down the upcoming debt ceiling crisis, the huge Facebook outage yesterday, more corruption at the federal reserve, a big oil spill in California, IATSE workers striking in Hollywood, media treatment of Dr. Fauci, smears of Russell Brand, the murder spike in 2020, and more!

Debt Ceiling: 0:0017:34 Facebook: 17:3535:08 Fed Corruption: 35:0944:51 CA Oil Spill: 44:5253:18 IATSE Strike: 53:191:02:47 Saagar: 1:02:481:13:27 Krystal: 1:13:281:25:37 Charles Lehman: 1:25:381:39:23

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