Breaking Points: 10/4/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar discuss the battles between congressional Democrats, corruption in the Democratic party, Dr. Fauci’s out of touch statements, Pandora Papers documents uncovering billions in hidden money around the world, Steven Donziger’s jail sentence, media. treatment of Kyrsten Sinema, Ozy Media’s collapse, Andrew Yang’s new book launch, and more!

Timestamps: Dem Battle: 0:0015:12 Dem Corruption: 15:1325:34 Fauci: 25:3536:30 Pandora Papers: 36:3148:32 Donziger Sentence: 48:3356:08 Krystal: 56:091:06:33 Saagar: 1:06:341:16:20 Andrew Yang: 1:16:201:18:32

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