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Thanks to Russell Brand for joining us on Krystal Kyle & Friends this week to discuss his political philosophy, the future of struggle against inequality and his current work “infusing political discourse with spiritual ideas.” We also had to get his views on Nicki Minaj/ballgate, Candace Owens, and AOC’s “tax the rich” dress.

Touching on his own political leanings, Russell references leftist libertarianism and anarcho-syndicalism as the philosophies that inform his politics. Pulling from inspirations like Chomsky as well as from his own views on politics and spirituality, Russell describes his support of a system that allows for individual flourishing within the context of a supportive community. Marrying “individual freedom and community values,” as he puts it, he envisions humanity living up to its potential and allowing for a variety of different lifestyles — all while maintaining healthy social connections.

Russell also brings a unique perspective to leftist discourse, advocating for a spiritual foundation beneath our politics and advocacy work. For him, topics like ethics and morality can’t be divorced from our humanity and our deeper senses of connection to others. From this spiritual outlook, making the case against inequality shouldn’t be a matter of supporting a more efficient, less destructive system; Russell’s argument comes from a respect for the sacredness in others, not from a “demystifying” of our human nature.

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