Breaking Points: 9/13/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar talk about Biden’s vaccine mandate, the 9/11 documents, George W. Bush’s speech about 9/11, a fatal final drone strike in Afghanistan, Joe Manchin playing hardball, 9/11 war criminals, GOP’s dreams fading in California, Wall Street greed with Matt Stoller, and more! You can now watch the video from your SuperCast member dashboard here: Merch: Matt Stoller’s Substack: Timestamps: Vaccine Mandate: 0:0019:13 9/11 Docs: 19:1428:37 W Bush: 28:3839:19 Drone Strike: 39:2049:05 Manchin: 49:0659:09 Saagar: 59:101:10:08 Krystal: 1:10:091:20:28 Matt Stoller: 1:20:291:30:50

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