Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on the Most Hated Institution in America

“‘Let’s have the same tired tropes and status quo politics with a younger person delivering it.’ It’s like the Pete Buttigieg model: the same old bad ideas with a younger face.” This is the “bullshit corporate vision of what millennial news should be.” And it’s exactly what mainstream media like MSNBC, Fox, and, in Krystal and Saagar’s case, The Hill are doing. And they, much like your Useful Idiots, decided they’ve had enough. In this extended interview, we discuss future segments we can do now that we’re not controlled by industrial news corps, the bottomless amount of rage out there towards the news media, and how journalists get punished for making the established narrative mad… especially when they’re right. Plus, the Young Turks go crazy for Aaron Maté and make the stupid claim he works for Assad, when everyone knows the Useful Idiots have a monopoly on Assad funding.

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